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 The functionality of each screen


New Robot

  • You can change the weapons, the name and color of a previously created robot.

Delete Robot

  • It clears the data of the selected robot.
  • To display the data of the selected robot in the QR code.
  • Taking a screen shot can be exposed to other people.

Logic Editor

  • You can program an AI for the robot.
  • Please refer to the "ProgramGuide" for details on how to write a program.
  • Please refer to the "Commands" page for more information about the programming commands.


  • You can play against the robot that other players have created.
  • RankPoint will increase by win, decrease by lose.
  • Ranking will be determined by the RankPoint.
  • If the match ends before the battle is finished from matching, it will be treated as a defeat.
  • In order to use this feature, it requires about $6 fee of per 30 days.
  • 10 days immediately after the start of the game, you can use this feature for free.
  • You can increase the validity period up to a maximum of 70 days.

 Prize Match and part level up

  • You can challenge to PrizeMatch at regular time intervals in RankMatch.
  • When you win at PrizeMatch, you can win one of the robot parts.
  • Level of weapons and the legs will increase each time you collect a specified number of the parts.
  • Maximum level of the parts is 10.
  • At the maximum level, weapon attack power is +20% , the legs' HP is +20%.
  • The number of PrizeMatch will decrease each time one win.
  • It takes 2 hours to recovery 1 PrizeMatch.
  • Right of PrizeMatch will be able to stock up to 5 times.
  • The level of the current parts and the number of parts required for up to the next level can be found in the "Parts Level" button.
  • Parts level will be always up to be a long play , but you can also buy 10 or 100 parts by billing.
  • If all the parts level is up to , but you can not get a part in PrizeMatch, RankPoint is +1 instead.

VS Battle

  • You can fight with two robots in the terminal.
  • On the pre-battle screen, you can swap the left and right of the appearance position by "VS" button.
  • In addition, you can choose the map you want to use.
  • If you choose more than one map, it will be chosen at random from among those selected.


  • Make the tournament at 8 -body of the robot in the terminal.
  • In the case of a tie, it determines the wins at random.


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