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The Terms and Conditions (the "Terms" ) is , Lighthouse Labo ( hereinafter referred to as "those developers") is what is defining the terms and conditions of application RCPlus (hereinafter referred to as "this application") to provide.
Registered users ( hereinafter referred to as "Users" ) you will use this application in accordance with this Agreement.

1 (application)
This Agreement shall be applied to any of the relationships involved in the use of this application between the user and those developers.

2 (use registration)
2-1. Customers are automatically registered user when you start to use this application.
2-2. At the time the registration is done, the user will agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy.
2-3. If you do not agree to these Terms, please discontinue use of this application.

3 (user ID and password management)
3-1. Users will not be able to transfer or lend a user ID and password to a third party in any case.
3-2. If the combination of the user ID and password has been logged in agreement with the registration information , those developers will consider the use by the users themselves that have registered their user ID.

4 (fee)
4-1. This application itself is free . However, the download cost of this app is the user's burden.
4-2. In order to use this application , you will need an online environment . Expenditure of costs necessary to make the connection with the server , etc. , all will be the burden and the responsibility of the user .
4-3. Non-use or connection inability such as online environment , non-use of this application , or as a reason for the disabled , those developers can not respond at all to the return of the cost that the user has already paid .
4-4.In this application, those developers offers some fee-based services (hereinafter referred to as "paid service ").

5 ( paid service )
5-1. The user must make a purchase of paid services in accordance with the method of communication operators , payment companies , and those developers.
5-2. Regard to the purchase of a paid service , if the dispute between the user and the carrier or the settlement company occurs , the user will resolve this at your own risk . Those developers can not assume responsibility .
5-3. For paid services, the user will not be able to receive a refund or return by any reason  However, except as otherwise provided for by law.

6 (prohibitions)
 Upon the use of this app users will not be the following acts.

7 (such as a stop of the provision of the application)
If it is determined that there are any events in the following, those developers shall be able to provide all or part of the application is stopped or interrupted without prior notice to the user.

By the stop or interruption of the provision of the application , for any disadvantage or damage the user or a third party has suffered , those developers will not assume any responsibility for any reason.

8 (use restrictions and deregistration)
 In the following cases, those developers shall be able to limit the whole or in part the use of this application to the user, or to cancel the registration as a user without prior notice.

For damages caused to the user by the act of the developer went under this section, those developers do not take any responsibility.

9 (Disclaimer)
9-1.Default responsibility of those developers , if that does not depend on our willful or gross negligence shall be exempt.
9-2. Even in the case where the responsibility for some reason , those developers shall be responsible for compensation only in the range of the price of the paid services (one month in the case of continuous service equivalent).
9-3. For this application, transactions that occurred in between the user and the other user or third party , for the contact or dispute , etc. , those developers do not take any responsibility.

10 (change of service contents, etc.)
Without informing the user, those developers shall be able to stop the provision of the application or change the contents of this application.
The developer is not responsible for any damage caused to the user in this case.

11 (Change of Terms of Service)
 If it is determined necessary, those developers shall be able to modify these Terms at any time without notifying the user.

12 (notification or contact)
Notification or communication between the user and those developers shall be carried out by the method prescribed by those developers.

13 (Governing Law, Jurisdiction)
13-1.Interpretation of the Terms will Japan method and the governing law.
13-2. If the dispute for this application has occurred, court having jurisdiction over the location of those developers is exclusive jurisdiction.

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